Monument Sign Redesign

Original: I spotted this monument sign the other day. The font used for the original design is very poor. Aside from the “W” being an upside down “M”, the thick and thin strokes are random and out of place, thereby making the letters unnecessarily difficult to read. Note the boldness of the “T” and “I” which draws your eyes to those letters before reading the letters at the beginning of the word. This, by itself slows down readability. Most of the letters are so bizarre that they are anything but friendly looking. In fact, they are offensive. The font also doesn’t fill the area very well because of its wide (and wide spacing) proportions.

Redesign: Using LHF Desire from Charles Borges is a much better choice. The font is decorative, friendly, inviting and easy to read. It also fills the space much better than the original font which was very horizontal. I would recommend finishing with copper leaf and letting it patina naturally with age.